Electronic machines - gaming description

From the three types of casino games that are table games, random numbers and electronic machines, the last one is the simplest. It includes Slot machines, Lotteries and Video poker games. Online casinos in comparison to real ones have a lot of variations of slots and video poker. So, if you are adorer of these games you may visit virtual casino and even gamble for free. Slots however are easier than Video poker game. Winning Video Poker requires you to know the basics of real Poker game.

Introduction to Slots

Slot machines are also called One-armed bandits. They are the simplest from all casino games because of the uselessness of skills and absence of complicated rules. All you have to do to play slots is to determine which type you like, insert coins and pull a lever. In a multiple lines machines in order to increase wining chances, you are recommended to pay as many coins as there are lines.

There are several types of slots, which are 3 reel and 5 reel slots - standard machines that were originated from the very beginning. Straight slots have some variations for a change. Progressive slots -these machines are connected with each other and require some deposit to be made in a general jackpot. Bonus slots are machines that offer additional games as a payment for win.

Introduction to Video Poker

Types of Video poker games are various. The mostly played variation is Jacks or Better. The process of the game is not complicated. Machine draws you cards, which you can see on the screen. If you either would like to change some cards or keep all of them, press Hold/Cancel button on the console. Machine will change unliked cards and display different ones. The outcome of the game depends on the combination of dealt cards. In order to win this game, player has to:

  • Learn rules
  • Insert maximum number of coins
  • Do not hurry with card choice
  • Use strategical issues