Roulette rules

Roulette is played with a maximum of eight players - the dealer excluded. Every player plays versus the dealer, also known as the croupier.

Two main kinds of roulette exist: the European version and the American version. European roulette consists of 37 wheel slots that are numbered from 0 to 36, while American roulette consists of 38 slots (with an added 00).

The game begins after every player has made their respective bets, which can be placed either on the middle of the roulette table, outside the table, or on the table numbers. After every bet has been placed, the dealer will make the wheel spin. Then, depending on which number the roulette ball falls onto, the winning players will get paid out.

It is impossible for players to accurately predict the ball's landing spot. As a matter of fact, roulette relies purely on luck. Instead, the increase of your odds will depend on your manner of betting. If your odds are higher, you will win more, but the chances of your bets paying off will also be more unlikely in that scenario.

The Payouts

  • The straight bets refer to players betting on one number, the wins of which pay out 35:1
  • The two-number bets refer to bets across two different numbers, the wins of which pay out 17:1.
  • The three-number bets, also known as street bets, refer to bets across three different numbers, the wins of which pay out 11:1.
  • The four-number bets, also known as corner bets, refer to bets across four different numbers, the wins of which pay out 8:1.
  • The six-numberbets refer to bets across six different numbers, the wins of which pay out 5:1.
  • The outer column or dozen bets pay out 2:1.
  • The outer even bets, including black/red, even/odd and low/high pay out 2:1.

When it comes to the European version of roulette, the casino advantage stands at 2.7%, while the casino advantage of American roulette stands at 5.26%. This increase in the percentage can be attributed to the additional zero slot..

Other Rules

The En Prison rule only works with even bets that land on zero. Several casinos online like let players take 50% of their bets in such cases or let them leave their original bets for the following spin. The player will lose if the following spin lands on zero again, though.

The La Partage rule only applies to outer even bets. However, in such cases, players will only lose 50% of their bet and no re-spinning option exists.