Bingo rules, gaming process

The same as Keno, Bingo game is considered as a random number game. It doesn't require any special skills like Blackjack, but anyway this game is interesting enough. Gaming process is not complicated. Internet bingo game is the same as online one. Each player who would like to play this game buys a ticket.

The quantity of tickets is unlimited. You can buy 20 or 30 cards at ones. Some players receive bonuses for high quantity of cards that was bought. The player who purchases more than any other is called "big" player.

Process of the game and rules

Bingo is very similar to lottery. All tickets have five vertical columns field with five numbers. Middle column, however has four numbers and word "Free" in the middle. Under each column letters from BINGO word are placed. Balls that take part in the game have both number and a letter from BINGO.

At the beginning of the game, operators declare winning pattern.It might be either horizontal row, diamond format around "Free" or line in form of "X" etc. "Caller"takes out Bingo balls from "blower" - a special box where balls are mixed and announces the result- one number and one letter. Players, in their turn have to cover matched number with plastic chip. During the session, player who field in required pattern, shouts Bingo. Caller has to check whether his card is winning or not. If it is winning, player receives his win immediately, if player made a mistake, caller turns his card back and the session is renewed.

In case when all numbers on the ticket are field in, this game is called "coverall" or "blackout" and is paid off five times than usual patterns.

Electronic Bingo

In our days usual bingo is placed with special electronic devices. They are designed in the way that player will never miss a bingo. The process of the electronic bingo game is the same, player hits the called number on device and computer automatically scans the result. There are variations of electrons bingo devices. Some of them have several playing cards and sounds effects.