Casino payment methods guide

Casino banking is a very important part of casino reputation. If online casino has perfect bonus system, software and security level, it doesn't necessary mean that its payment methods are fast enough, what is quite important for players. Trusted online casino uses at least 6 payment methods. From the variety of payment systems there are more and less advantageous ones. If you don't know how to choose an online casino, read online casino overview article.

Account opening process

Before online casino play, money flows methods should be determined. Be sure that is secure and fast. Online casinos will ask you to provide your personal information and fill the application where you have to state your bank account or credit card number.

Ways to deposit

Instead of this method is not so fast, a lot of players show preferences to the bank transfers. To open bank account, you will have to come to the bank, bring your documents with, and complete a form. The process of account opening lasts for hours or several days, depending on the chosen bank. Bank transfers will cost you some fee and will take some time.

The more popular way is credit and debit card. The process is almost the same as in account opening. Card issuance also takes from 1 to 3 days, sometimes even weeks. But, your waiting may be compensated by the facility payment cards give. Ones you have received your card, you may use it in any time even staying at home thorough the internet by using electronic payment systems.

You may also use eChecks that are the same as paper checks, but only online. In this way, you should have a bank account to be opened. Using eChecks, online casino will claim you to give routing number and your personal bank account number.

Unless famous is eWallets which play a function of usual wallet. It is simply an online account with some fund on it. You can pay for casino services moving required amount to online casino account