Craps rules

For the shooter, the goal is to get an 11 or a 7 on the very first roll and to avoid getting a 12, 3 or 2. If a completely different number is thrown to begin with, a Point will be established, which this same shooter has to play against. The shooter keeps throwing until a 7 or a Point number is thrown. If the Point shows up before the 7, he wins, but if he gets a 7 before the Point, then he loses.

The shooter keeps rolling Point or Come Out rolls until a loss occurs. After that, the dealer will pass the dice onto another shooter.

Game betting isn't just for the shooter in this game. Although the shooter does need to make a bet before rolling the dice, practically anybody can make bets on the results, as well. Players can make a bet for a win or a loss for the shooter. There are a lot of other possible bets, as well. This particular variety along with the game's speed both play a big part in the overall attraction of this game.

How to Play

Before anything else, you have to make a bet if you wish to partake in a Craps game.

In fact, this is the only thing that some players will do. Players can bet, regardless of who the shooter happens to be. There is no need to touch the dice in order to be able to bet. If you would rather not make a roll, just decline the dealer's offer when he asks you to roll and he will ask another player to do so.

If you decide to make the throw and you have made your bet, you will then get up to six dice. You then have to pick two out of the bunch and play with them.

Next, the shooter throws the two dice one. To prevent any cheating, however, the casino will insist that:

  • Before rolling, the shooter holds them above the table with a single hand. Doing this will eliminate any possibility of switching the dice for a different set.
  • If the shooter decides to make the roll, he has to throw it hard, so that it bounces from the table's far end. Otherwise, the roll won't be considered as "true". Now, if you make an extremely hard throw and the dice bounces off completely, you will simply get more dice to roll with.