Blackjack rules

The goal of blackjack happens to be extremely simple: to reach a total higher than the dealer without going over 21. It doesn't matter if there are other players at the game table, either, as your sole opponent would be the dealer.

There are only very few decisions that need to be made during the game, too. You need to take your cards into consideration along with that of the dealer and keep in mind that exceeding 21 is considered a bust or a loss.

The game goes like this:

  • One face-up card will be given to every player and then to the game dealer. The other card of the dealer is given face-down; this is known as the "hole".
  • Another face-up card will then be given to every player.
  • Beginning with the left player from the dealer, every player will then decide if they want to get more cards.
  • Once every player has finished their hands as desired, the dealer will draw cards for his own hand to finish.

You will be considered a winner if:

  • You get a higher total compared to the dealer
  • The dealer busts by exceeding 21 (if you didn't bust yourself, that is).

If you have the exact same total as your dealer, it is considered a draw and nobody wins or loses.

If you exceed 21, or if the dealer has a higher total, you lose.

Whether you play blackjack online or at actual casinos, these rules usually never change.

Other Things to Know

Blackjack cards have the following values:

  • Face Cards have a value of 10 each.
  • Aces have a value of 1 or 11 - whichever the hand owner wants it to be.
  • Other cards count as their face value.

There are no Jokers in Blackjack.

An actual blackjack combines an Ace with any picture or 10 card as the first cards given. This pays out 1.5 times the actual bet, but if the dealer gets a Blackjack, too, it is considered a draw.

In blackjack, the dealer has to follow a certain rule set. Dealers need to take one more card when they get a total of 16 or below. Conversely, dealers need to stand if they get a total of 17 or higher.

If you end up getting two cards with the exact same value, you can split them to get three different hands overall. Aces can only be split for two hands, though. You will then get an extra card for every hand, but a bet equal to the first bet needs to be made for every split.