Gambling has existed in various forms so far, whether as war bets or as wild boar bets. Then dice games came into the picture along with other fairly primitive games that mankind used to release their risk-taking tendencies. Soon thereafter, card games, roulette, and sports bets emerged as seen today, each of which shares something with the other: they are all games that are played in a single place, with various people around who get to hear and see one another.

Casinos are usually seen as classy gambling places as they provide a unique and glamorous atmosphere for players to gamble in.

This changed because of technology soon enough, though. Because of the Internet, lives have changed in so many different ways and life aspects. Naturally, gambling joins this mix. Online gambling quickly became popular and is now a prosperous global industry where tons of revenue is made every year.

The Online Gambling Genesis

Barbuda and Antigua existed from the start in 1994. In fact, these islands were they catalysts for the industry of online gambling. That year, Antigua legalized the issuance of gambling licenses to offer up a beginning for online gambling. And now, the majority of companies of online gambling are based there to put their licenses to use.

Thanks to such brand new opportunities, gaming software soon emerged thereafter. A software company called Microgaming was the first to fully develop operational casino software online, paving the way for a lot of websites of online gambling to follow in its footsteps.

CryptoLogic, a software company of online security, offered up the required software to create viable and secure online transaction. This eventually led to the very first casino online, InterCasino. The year was 1995.

However, starting up online gambling wasn't easy at all. A lot of obstacles existed because of the legality overall. A lot of people opposed the thought of gambling online, most of all in America, where a senator from Arizona tried to stop American citizens from going online to gamble through his various anti-gambling campaigns.

The New Technology

Twenty years later, the Internet revolutionized the entire world of gambling. This technological evolution made gambling possible anytime anywhere.

The very first casino online had eighteen different games available. And now, every prediction about its future predicts billions of dollars in revenue, despite new U.S. laws being in place.