Video poker types

Simply said, the rules of video poker online use 5-card slots and draw together. It gets played on a video machine that asks for new bets to accompany every hand. As with slots, the payouts will differ, depending on each bet's size.

The first hand of video poker always consists of five cards. Like with its draw version, you will get to decide which cards to replace and which ones to keep in order getting the greatest hand in the end.

Conversely, unlike its draw counterpart, video poker online gets rid of hand bets with various players and no limit exists on the amount of cards that you can return. You just get five cards, hold as many as you want, get as many as you want, and find out whether you have the best hand at the table of payout.

The Popular Variations

  • Jacks Poker is an extremely popular video poker form in both online and land casinos. It is called Jacks because you will get paid whenever your hand has pair Jacks in it or higher. No fancy rules or wilds exist here - only one draw.
    Jacks video poker would be ideal for beginners since the odds are just and the game in itself lays a foundation for creating future strategies of video poker. Also, after getting your fill, you can then move to variants that are more exciting as a whole.
  • Jokers Wild uses a deck with 53 cards. As with PaiGow, this deck has a wild Joker in it, but unlike that counterpart, the joker here can be whichever card available. There are no ace restrictions with Jokers Wild, either.
    Since a joker is used, the odds of the player are better here, so payouts only get awarded if Kings or higher are in it instead of Jacks. Also, the Joker will only show up once every ten times, so when it does appear as you play, make sure you use it well. 
  • Deuces gets played with a regular deck of 52 cards and every 2 in it is considered wild. This doesn't just improve the odds of the player, but also gets rid of the card with the worst rank.
    Because of these great odds, the payouts are unusual when it comes to Deuces Wild: you will only get paid out whenever you get three-of-a-kind and higher. Plus, the overall payouts will be smaller. Still, the ease that comes with hitting great hands with Deuces usually compensates for its payouts.