Table games guide

In major cases land-based casinos are famous with their table games, Slots and Video poker machines. The most famous table games are Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps. All of them with the exception of Blackjack are a matter of luck. Why than table games are so popular? First of all, those who have ever played Blackjack know that playing this game you have all real chances for win, thanks to the card counting techniques. At a second, table games, even if they have no strategies, attract more attention by the longer gaming process. Even if there is no need for special skills, like in Slots, table games compelyou to apply some logic and intuition. The gaming process of table games is longer than that in Slots game.


Such strategic games as Blackjack have to be practiced a lot. One negative side is that card counting in Blackjack cannot be applied practically in free online casino, only in land based ones. It is impossible to keep account of cards online as all cards are selected randomly, therefore specialist advice to use basic strategy that can only tell when you should hit or stand. Looking at this peculiarity, if you are beginner in Blackjack, play it at table with low wagering limits.

Craps and Baccarat

In spite of Baccarat is s card game, there is no such techniques as in Blackjack. To win this game you should be aware of three betting types such as Player, Banker and Tie. The last bet has extremely high house advantage, thus better not tot stake on it. Banker bet implies form 4 to 5% commission, but even fact doesn't influence on the high winning odds. Player bet has 1.29% of casino advantage.

Craps is a more exciting game, because of the dynamic gaming process which is controlled by the dice roll. One more feature of Craps is that shooter (person who rolls the dice) makes the similar bets as all players. It forms comradeship among players.


As you may know, there are three types of Roulette. The most profitable for player is European one because of the low house edge. The winning odds depend on the type of bet and on Roulette type. If you would like to try this game first, never start with American roulette as it increases your busting chance. In European roulette bet on outside bets if you would like not to lose or if you would like to risk - inside bets are the right choice, but sometimes unjustified.